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Scarlet - Marissa Meyer

Scarlet is conveniently broken into Books One through Four, so at 450 pages, each book will presumably be approximately 100 pages. Since I am reading the kindle book, I don't have page numbers, so I'll be estimating for purposes of updating!


This book is a very fast read! Book One is fairly evenly divided between Linh Cinder and her new acquaintance Cardwell Thorne, who are both inmates at the New Beijing prison. Thorne appears likely to be the love interest for Cress, since his ship is named Rampion. Rampion, for those who don't know, is a variety of Campanula which was previously cultivated as a vegetable. Another name for rampion is rapunzel.


The other pair of characters are Scarlet, a farmer living in France, and Wolf. Wolf is mysterious - a street fighter with eyes the color of unripe grapes. He is badass. Scarlet seems pretty badass as well, with her tomato-smashing, gun-toting, bar-fighting behavior.


I'm devouring this book.