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Missoula: Rape and the Justice System in a College Town - Jon Krakauer

Update: Part Three: Unwanted Attention


Yeah, I bet Missoula is getting unwanted attention right about now.


Also, could we please cease using the term "date-rape"? Most non-stranger rapes don't actually occur in the context of an actual "date." 


Update: Part Two: Before the Law Sits A Gatekeeper


O.K., now I am fucking pissed off. What the actual fuck is the Deputy D.A. who declined charges doing at the administrative expulsion hearing for the University pontificating about the difficulty in prosecuting a CRIMINAL CASE in a COURTROOM with a completely different BURDEN OF PROOF and much more intense CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTIONS as though she is the best fucking friend of the guy who penetrated the victim so violently that the blood soaked through her sheets and all the way through the memory phone mattress pad? Why is her opinion relevant? Why is the criminal code relevant, given that the hearing was to determine a violation of the university code? Why would she agree to testify? What. The. Fuck. So. Fucking. Inappropriate.


The standards are not the same. The rules are not the same. That is bullshit, my friends.




Oh, thank God. They still expelled him.


Update: Part One: Allison


Krakauer is doing an outstanding job of setting things up by focusing on a single case during this section. It is similar to what he did with Under the Banner of Heaven, where he uses one case to illuminate larger themes within a specific context.