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I can't find a book I want to read

I have been hankering for a Highlander romance, since Outlander has come back, & I'm all caught up on episodes.




I want one that is available for free on scribd. I've tried two, and they have both been unsuccessful. The first, I dnf'd because I want a Highlander hero, and I want it set in Scotland. Highland Fling has a Highlander heroine, and is primarily set in England, per the blurb.  


The next one, I actually finished, but it was pretty horrible. Wafer thin characterizations, a not very compelling bit of suspense, a heroine that was continually presented as "tough," but who was no such thing. The hero wasn't convincing at all. And the title is a complete misnomer - she wasn't "stolen" in the least. Plus, the angst-factor was ridiculous, and the sex scenes were repetitive and about as much fun as eating wall-paper paste. Overall, it is about a D+ read, saved from an F only by the fact that it was at least coherent.


I decided to try abandoning specifically Highlander romances, and give medieval a try, so I started Jude Deveraux's beloved classic. It is doing nothing for me, and the heroine is named Dougless, which is simply unforgiveable in my opinion. Plus, it is time travel, and I don't want time travel. So, maybe this would be a better book at a different time, but right now, it's just a no. No. No.


Someone help me! I want something that is a bit more realistic than the average historical romance. If I hadn't already read A Pride of Lions, I think that would be just the ticket. Perhaps what I really need is a piece of historical fiction with romantic themes, as opposed to a historical romance. Does anyone have any suggestions?


I've read Outlander. I do not want time travel. I want a Highland hero. I want something realistic, not intentionally comical or humorous. I don't need it to be clean, but for the love of all that is holy, could I get some sex scenes that don't make me laugh because they are so ridiculous or bore me to tears?