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The Robin Hood Read: Tuck

Tuck - Stephen R. Lawhead

Quick thoughts on Tuck:


  • Good resolution to the story-line. No cliff-hangers.
  • I really liked Friar Tuck. He is smart and funny, and plays an important role in the happy ending to this tale. He has one of the most important scenes in the entire trilogy, and it is charming.
  • Why are kings on television always young and hot, but kings in books (and real life) were always fat and unappealing? This is an injustice that cannot be remedied, but I point it out nonetheless.
  • I still argue that this is not Christian fiction. One of the primary antagonists was a corrupt abbot. 


All in all, this was a serious retelling that sets the Robin Hood myth in eleventh century Wales. It was entertaining, but not amazing, and it was definitely time for it to come to an end.