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TBR Thursday: January 29, 2015

I didn't put up a TBR Thursday last week, so this will cover both January 22, 2015 and today.




Miramont's Ghost was the Kindle First book for January, so it was free. Cress price dropped to $2.99, probably in preparation for the release of Fairest, so I grabbed it. I loved Cinder, and can't wait to read more of this series. The Darkest Part of the Forest ($8.55) is Holly Black's latest, and looks incredible. It is getting a lot of great buzz on twitter and in the bookosphere.




Twisted Fate ($8.89) is described as a thriller that is perfect for fans of We Were Liars.I generally don't really like it when blurbs compare books to other books, because it often seems that the comparison is really not very convincing or accurate.  I absolutely loved We Were Liars, so we'll see. The Way We Bared Our Souls ($9.78) looks the least interesting of this batch of books, which probably means I'll like it the most. The Girl on the Train ($10.99) is being talked up everywhere. I really want to get to this one!




Stolen Songbird was price dropped to $1.99, so I grabbed it. Tear You Apart ($9.99) is the second book in a series that someone in my kindle club* really likes, so we bought it. I have read the first, and thought it was good enough for me to continue, even if it wasn't a fairy tale retelling that completely floated my literary boat. And Bound by Flames ($7.99) is not in my wheelhouse at all, but this series, and the Night Huntress series, are beloved by two members of the kindle club, so we own them all. Maybe someday, if I'm up for a spot of vampire PNR, I'll binge read them all (this is what I did with Kate Daniels).


Total for the last two weeks: $61.17

Total for 2015: 146.82


*An explanation: Most of my books are purchased on a kindle book club that is shared by 6 close friends/YA book lovers. We each contribute $50.00 per quarter to the account using gift cards. Everyone has a kindle that is registered to the account, so we can all read the books. We've been doing this for three years, and own over 600 books through the kindle account. It is therefore not just my money that is being spent on this account, so it is slightly disingenuous of me to claim that *I* have spent $146.82 this year, since we all contribute to the account.


However, most of these books are not necessarily books that I would *buy* with my own money, so it is not like our kindle club deprives the author of 5 additional sales, and the club is well within the rules of amazon. It expands our buying power considerably, and makes it possible for us to become exposed to authors we wouldn't otherwise be reading. Which is pretty amazing, actually.