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TBR Thursday 1/15/2015

New Grub Street - George R. Gissing, John Goode Notes from Underground & The Double - Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Robert Louis Jackson, Ronald Wilks Mary Barton - MacDonald Daly, Elizabeth Gaskell Loving / Living / Party Going - Henry Green, John Updike

This week was all classics, all the time!


New Grub Street by George Gissing is scheduled for February.


Notes from the Underground by Doestoevsky is a planned read for my Goodreads group The Dead Writers Society. We are doing a quarterly read this time around, with several selections to choose from. Our chosen theme is exile. I'm reading Notes from the Underground, The Scarlet Letter and The Gulag Archipelago, at a minimum.


Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell - I haven't technically "scheduled" this one, but I so thoroughly enjoyed North and South that I feel like I need moar Gaskell! I may dive into it the moment it arrives.


Living, Loving, Party Going by Henry Green - this is a bit of a flyer, but I've been eyeing it forever. According to Goodreads: "Henry Green explored class distinctions through the medium of love. This volume brings together three of his novels contrasting the lives of servants and masters (Loving); workers and owners, set in a Birmingham iron foundry (Living); and the different lives of the wealthy and the ordinary, (Party Going)."


These were all purchased in print. New Grub Street is an Oxford World's Classic, the other three are Penguin black spine classics. Penguin is my go to classics publisher, and OWC is my runner up.


This week: 42.41.


Total: $85.65.