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Review: #Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder - Marissa Meyer

You know how it is when you start reading, and then you look up and it's been three hours and you're done?


That was this book for me.


I really enjoyed everything about this book. I enjoyed the world and the world building. Cinderella has never been my favorite fairy tale - I have always had serious reservations about her lack of agency and the fact that her primary value lies in the fact that she is beautiful.


So, how refreshing is it that Cinder is a competent mechanic. And that she rescues herself. And she doesn't rely on her looks to obtain benefits.


I couldn't help but think of David Mitchell's neo-Seoul, as brought to life by the Wachowski's in the adaptation of The Cloud Atlas:



When I mentally pictured New Beijing. I'm actually not a huge fan of sci fi, so the fact that I enjoyed this book even with those elements is pretty remarkable.


This is the first in Meyer's Lunar Chronicles. I'm culling through series starts this year, to try to weed out my TBR list (and so I can stop buying follow-ups if I decide not to go on). In spite of that, I am completely tempted to go onto Scarlet because this is the kind of series I could binge read.


I'm going to restrain myself. But only until Cress is released on February 4. Although it isn't the end of the story, I can't wait to wrap my mind around the next two books.


Thanks to the 17 people who voted for this book in my poll!