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My inner fangirl has lost her mind.


Let me tell you a brief story. Years ago, my family stumbled on a slightly cheesy, but altogether fun-filled made for TNT movie starring Noah Wyle called The Librarian, in which he plays an intellectually brilliant perpetual college student named Flynn, who is finally kicked out of college after receiving his 22nd degree. You might remember this movie. It is socially awkward Indiana Jones versus the evil ninjas seeking to harness the power of the spear of destiny.



My daughter was 8 when the movie was originally aired, and it looked like a low-budget National Treasure, which was also released in 2004, and which the whole family had thoroughly enjoyed. Not expecting much, we tuned in for the premiere.


And absolutely loved it. It is funny, breezy, silly, charming, and wonderful. The cast is terrific - Noah Wyle, of course, is his adorable self. Jane Curtin plays her deadpan role perfectly, Bob Newhart is a hoot, and Olympia Dukakis steals the show as Flynn's mother, who just wants him to meet a nice girl and get married.


There were two follow-up movies. The second one wasn't as charming as the first, but worked pretty well, and the third one, sadly, succumbed to the vampire craze that was sweeping the nation in 2008 (Twilight, I blame you). It was not up to the previous standard.


Two years ago, I managed to find the three disc set on DVD and bought them. They have been a regular, albeit intermittent, part of the MR family Christmas tradition since 2004, when we would catch them if we could.


And this year, in 2014,




And, according to Book Riot, it is great (link to post)! As soon as I get home, I'm setting my DVR to record the repeat airings of eps 1 & 2, and this weekend, imagonna have a Librarian-a-thon. I can't effing wait.