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Anne Perry's Christmas Crimes: Two Victorian Holiday Mysteries: A Christmas Homecoming and A Christmas Garland - Anne Perry

I started reading Anne Perry's holiday novellas probably seven or eight years ago when I stumbled on A Christmas Journey, the 2004 story, in a basket at my in-law's house. I read that one a few years in a row, and then in 2010, I bought the first three compilation kindle editions. Perry publishes a new one every year, and then every other year, a pair of them are issued as a compiled kindle book.


They are sort of absurdly expensive individually - $7.99 for approximately 200 pages or so. Less so, however, when purchased in the duology, they are typically $9.99 for the pair.


Interestingly, given that I've been listening to the audiobook of Dracula the 2011 story - A Christmas Homecoming - relates to the staging of Stoker's novel as a play, and stars Charlotte Pitt's mother, Caroline, as the main character.


The mystery is generally nearly beside the point in these novellas. Perry often focuses on some of the more melancholy aspects of the Christmas season in her holiday novellas: the impact of grief, the effect of aging, the various ways in which the Victorian social classes experience the holiday season. I often return to them as a way of transitioning into the winter holidays, and always enjoy them.


I now own a total of ten of these stories.