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Multi-media device for travel

I am going to Disneyland on Friday!



So, of course, I have to get my books/music/audiobooks/movies all prepped for travel. 


In addition, those of you who follow me know that I am currently in the middle of the Scribd free trial. Let me say with total conviction that I love this service. It is far superior to kindle unlimited, and I am certainly going to keep it once the free trial ends. The reading catalog blows KU out of the water, but it is the audiobook catalog that makes the service worth keeping. It is so good that I am probably going to cancel my audible subscription.


I had been thinking seriously about buying a new Kindle Fire. Once I signed up for Scribd and starting planning for this trip, I decided to stop thinking and just do it. The new baby fire is priced at $99.00. It was delivered to my house yesterday.



You can see the size comparison in the images. I also bought a Poetic slimline case for mine. I prefer the slimline cases because they don't add a lot of bulk. They also allow the device to stand in landscape.



Sorry about the mediocre quality of the images. I am in a hurry!


The entertainment possibilities of this device are remarkable. First, once I registered the device, my entire kindle library immediately becomes available. Downloading books from the cloud is a simple as touching the cover image. I have added around a dozen books to my on device library, and may add a few more before I go offline. My hotel has wi-fi, but my recollection from last time we stayed there is that it was frequently overloaded, so I am not planning on being able to access the internet very often. In addition, of course, the bulk of the day will be spent in the park, so my entertainment needs are not very extensive - the round-trip plane ride, and an hour or so before bed to unwind is all I'll be reading/watching/listening.


In addition, because of the relationship between amazon and audible, my audiobooks are also all available under their own tab, ready to be downloaded to the fire if I choose to make them available off-line. I've downloaded the Great Course that I am currently doing so I can listen to a lecture or two on the plane.


I am a prime member, primarily for the shipping benefits, but also for the video streaming. I prefer the Netflix catalog, but Prime Instant Video has one major benefit for travel - I can download series episodes to my device to be watched while offline. I've never before had a device that has this capability, and it is pretty awesome. I tried it out last night while the power was out with the first episode of Downton Abbey. I'll download at least six episodes, which will keep me busy on the airplane. It worked fabulously. Episodes take a while to download, but the device can be used while downloading occurs in the background.


And, back to scribd. Scribd has an app for the kindle fire, which also enables me to put books/audiobooks on my device for off-line use. I've downloaded an old Christie mystery audiobook - Murder on the Orient Express - in case I want to listen to something on the lighter side, and I've added a few of the Brother Cadfael series for reading. Brother Cadfael is a series I've been meaning to tackle, but didn't want to spend money on - scribd has the entire backlist available for reading.


I have mixed emotions about amazon, so in some ways I hate supporting them. They are a great heaving maw that intends to swallow the universe. But they have the most functional device for media consumption in all of its myriad forms that I have yet found. Simple, lightweight, small enough to slip in my purse but large enough to be enjoyable to watch, the 6" fire is a total win for straight up entertainment.


The new fire has two cameras as well. I had considered taking the device into the park with me and using it for pics, but I think that I will use my iPhone instead. This will probably be the first time that I don't take a dedicated camera with me. We'll see how that goes!