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Uncle Silas - Victor Sage, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

Full review (probaby) forthcoming - unless I get distracted by 


ooh, shiny. Squirrel.


And don't get around to it.


Anyway, I will just say for right now (cryptically):


WTF Maud's dad? I am still completely dissatisfied with dad's reasoning:

1. My brother has been accused of murder for financial gain.
2. I am dying, and I'm going to leave my daughter an enormous fortune.
3. Which will pass to my brother if my daughter dies before he does.
4. Yes, that brother. The one who HAS BEEN ACCUSED OF MURDER FOR FINANCIAL GAIN.
5. Best idea ever: make him the guardian of my daughter!
6. What could possibly go wrong?

I swear - someone should have dug up his corpse just to beat him to death with a pointy hammer.