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Extra! Extra! Read All About It!



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The Hog's Back Mystery - Freeman Wills Crofts

Buddy read with Tigus is happening!


So far, we have a disappearance, but we're not sure if it's a murder or not.

Results are posted!

Check your game play thread for details!

KYD: Round 1 is closing in ONE HOUR

Read like the wind! Play your cards!


EDITED - I got sort of confused about the time! Sorry!

Discussion space!

Since we have officially started round play and those threads will get long, I am going to request that everyone do me a favor and only use their respective Round Play threads for playing cards. Otherwise, I will be much more likely to miss something!


In order to make this possible, I have opened three additional threads for the players to discuss their games, strategize, keep track of your own points, etc. You can find them:


Green game: here

Red game: here

Yellow game: here


Thanks everyone!

Kill Your Darlings: the crime spree continues

Kill Your Darlings!

Game Status Check


Red Game




Obsidian Blue
Team Tannat/Familiar Diversions
Jennifer's Books
Reading is my ESCAPE


Suspect: Unknown

Victim: Unknown

Cause of Death: Unknown

Crime Scene: Unknown




Green Game




Debbie's Spurts
Tea, Rain, Books
Team Themis/MBD & Lillelara
Night Time Reading Center


Suspect: Unknown

Victim: Unknown

Cause of Death: Unknown

Crime Scene: Unknown



Yellow Game




Darth Pony
Hooked On Books
Witty Little Knitter


Suspect: Unknown

Victim: Unknown

Cause of Death: Unknown

Crime Scene: Unknown



Round 1 closes Saturday, March 3 at 5:00!


It's not too late to sign up through Friday, March 2. Additional sign-ups may necessitate adding another game and/or shuffling players.


Let the sleuthing begin!

Kill Your Darlings: Players!


I posted a thread in the group, which you can find here.


I'm looking for a head count, because I may want to sort you into different games, depending on how many players there are, to keep things fun and challenging!


Let me know in the group, or in a comment below!

Kill Your Darlings: The Victims







I have a very busy day today

So I probably won't be able to answer questions about Kill Your Darlings until this evening. Keep 'em coming & I'll answer everything tonight!

Where does resilience come from?

Educated - Tara Westover

I am not a huge fan of the confessional genre - I find them largely forgettable and self-indulgent. Every once in a while, though, a memoir comes along that I have to read. This was one of those.


Tara Westover was born on a mountain in Idaho, to an abusive, mentally ill father with a fundamentalist religious mania and a mother who may have had mental health issues of her own, but who at a minimum enabled gross abuses in her home. The author's father is another Randy Weaver type person who, fortunately for him, certainly, did not come to the attention of the authorities. Because there is no excuse for what happened to her and her siblings.


I have little patience with child abuse, even when it is driven by mental illness. Reading this book I was left with two overwhelming feelings - one positive and one negative. I'll start with the negative first. This book exemplifies why children who are homeschooled are so tremendously at risk, and why their communities and yes, the government, must do a better job ensuring that they do not fall through the cracks in our community. It is abominable that a young girl suffered the kind of abuse that this child suffered. She was physically abused by her older brother in truly abhorrent ways - abuse that was enabled by her parents who consistently privileged boys over girls, given their religious beliefs. In addition to that physical abuse, though, she also suffered the emotional abuse of being stripped of her agency, her autonomy and her right to grow as a person.


Her father decided that government schools were indoctrinating children against the Lord. Therefore, she didn't go to school, but nor was she educated at home. Her father decided that doctors were the work of the devil. Therefore, she didn't have access to medical treatment. Taking a course of antibiotics to treat strep throat, once she got free and went away to college, was an exercise in stress and fear. Her entire life was built upon a foundation of abuse and fear. The fact that the state of Idaho let this happen to these kids - and likely thousands of others - is a shame on them.


Now to the positive - as many of you know, I have worked in the field of child abuse prevention and prosecution for more than two decades. I have met hundreds of children who have suffered abuse by parents and other caregivers. Each child copes in his/her own way, but there are kids who, somehow, transcend their experiences. Whose spirit is so amazingly resilient that they seem to lift themselves out of sheer force of will. If, as a community, we could figure out what makes these kids so resilient, perhaps we could reproduce it for other victims. But, so far, we are unable to figure out why some kids thrive in circumstances where most kids fail.


Tara Westover is one of those kids - perhaps the ultimate expression of the power of resilience. What she did for herself, finding a way to get an education, breaking away from a lifetime of physical, emotional and spiritual abuse, and leaving that mountainside, both literally and metaphorically, is astonishing. She went thousands of miles by plane, but she might as well have gone to a different planet, and on her journey she lost her family, but found herself. 


After finishing it, I found some youtube clips of interviews with her. In one of them she says that to her, education isn't about building a resume, it's about building a person. She built herself.

Kill Your Darlings: Weapon Files











Kill Your Darlings: Rules of Play


One of our most popular authors has gone off the rails, and is killing beloved characters!*


We need a group of dedicated investigators to solve the crime, and stop the killer before he (or she) can kill again!


*The murderer is only killing characters that belong to other authors. The murderer does not have any objection to using a weapon/crime scene that is attributable to the author. Each victim can only die once, but crime scenes/weapons can be reused.




I have introduced the suspects and the crime scene cards already. Tomorrow I will reveal the weapons that the killer has to choose from, and then on Wednesday, I will show you the identity of the possible victims. There are a total of 40 cards, 10 cards per element, that will be combined to create the solution to the crime.


I think it is helpful to imagine the game play as a card game, where you acquire a card by reading a book that fits the card criteria and then you play the card in an effort to identify one of the essential elements. Once you tie a book to a card, the book has been used. You can't re-use the book to acquire a second/third/etc card, even if the book would fit the card criteria. Choose your cards wisely - the card criteria are purposely broad.




Like many card games, you get points for play!


20 points: Playing a card and being the first to identify one of the elements*.

10 points: Playing a card to collect an element that has already been identified.

5 points: Playing a card that eliminates a possibility.

15 points: Successfully replaying a card to identify an new element.


Players are responsible for calculating their own points - however, I will keep track of the players who make a successful identification in the bingo group. I want to encourage people to play cards, rather than hang back and let the other players do the work, which is why players get points for an unsuccessful play.


*if multiple players play the same correct card in the same round, they each receive 20 points.




Each opportunity to play a card will be called a round. We will have rounds on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Play will occur in the bingo group, on the thread that has been set up for the purpose of tracking rounds.


Players can play a card once they earn it, but they can only play one card per round. I will close the round at approximately 5:00 p.m. PST and will announce the results approximately an hour later. Once I close the round, all new plays go into the next round. 




There is only one murderer. However, until the murderer is identified, he/she may continue the spree, creating new victims/weapons/crime scenes. Identification of the murderer freezes game play.


I will announce the addition of new elements both in the bingo group and on my blog. I may also offer clues and/or hints, if the fancy strikes me.




I will open a thread in the bingo group for readers to form teams/partnerships. If you are in a team/partnership, you and the other members share points/collected elements. However, with respect to points, your points totals will be divided by the number of members of the group, as a handicapping mechanism to even out play.




There are three ways to win the game:


Speed winner: The speed winner is the person or team who completes the game first, by solving the primary murder. This is independent of points.


Points winner: The points winner is the person or team that ends the game with the most points. Game play ends when all open investigative questions are resolved.


Diligence winner: The diligence winner is the person or team who solves all of the crimes first.



Kill Your Darlings: Crime Scene Files