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Few Eggs and No Oranges: The Diaries of Vere Hodgson 1940-45
Vere Hodgson, Jenny Hartley

Announcing the Saturday, April 11 Buddy read

Scales of Justice - Ngaio Marsh

For anyone who is interested in joining us for an Inspector Alleyn mystery, BrokenTune, Mike Finn, Lillelara, Themis-Athena and I for sure will be reading it next Thursday!


Saturday. We will be reading it on Saturday. No idea why I wrote Thursday...

Next Saturday's Golden Age buddy read

I think that we've settled on an Inspector Alleyn. Let's pick the book so that everyone has an opportunity to get their hands on it!


I'm going to be buying a kindle copy of whatever book we choose, so I'm game for anything. I think that Scales of Justice, T-A's suggestion, looks great, but if there are books that you already own, I would basically be up for anything.


I've read The Nursing Home Murder and Dead Water so I'd prefer to avoid those, although I can reread if one of those ends up as the choice! And let's stay away from Christmas murders like Tied Up In Tinsel. 


That leaves a whole bunch!


Week three thread is open

In the Bingo group.




Stop by & update if you want!

No Wind of Blame by Georgette Heyer

No Wind of Blame - Georgette Heyer

Oh, my, that was just delightful. What a lovely way to spend a Saturday!

Reading progress update: I've read 55%.

No Wind of Blame - Georgette Heyer

Oh my, Wally was a cad of the first order. I'm not feeling even one little bit sorry for him - it's rather a miracle that he hadn't already been shot.


I love Hugh and Mary. I have high hopes there.

Reading progress update: I've read 37%.

No Wind of Blame - Georgette Heyer

Aaaand, we have a murder.

Reading progress update: I've read 20%.

No Wind of Blame - Georgette Heyer

I am enjoying this so much! It's got the malicious charm of Penhallow, without the intense darkness.

Reading progress update: I've read 68%.

Wild Fire - Ann Cleeves

Weekend plans:


Finish Wild Fire. 


Read No Wind of Blame


Start Debt of Honor


Also, make a dozen more masks to send to my sister-in-law and her husband who are both immunocompromised, buy a birthday cake for my son, who turns 20 tomorrow (what a bummer time for a birthday) and get take out Thai food which is his requested birthday dinner.

Pandemic photos: 4.3.2020

Photo #2


My zoom background

We are doing zoom meetings at work. I uploaded this for my virtual background.


#FridayReads 4.3.2020

Wild Fire - Ann Cleeves No Wind of Blame - Georgette Heyer Few Eggs and No Oranges: The Diaries of Vere Hodgson 1940-45 - Vere Hodgson, Jenny Hartley Debt of Honor - Tom Clancy The Late Show - Michael Connelly

My reads today & over the weekend:


Wild Fire is the last book in the Shetland series, which I've decided to finish so I can take it off my active series list. I put an ehold on it and it came through right away!


No Wind of Blame is the pandemic buddy read of the week - can't wait! We read tomorrow. Or when convenient.


A Few Eggs and No Oranges is a long diary of wartime London. I've read about 30 pages, and so far I really like it. It's best in small bites.


Debt of Honor just came through from the library. I have it for 14 days, but will probably finish it next week.


The Late Show is next up in my obsessive Bosch read. 


And that will probably take care of things until next Friday!

I have a confession to make

Remember how I was complaining yesterday that overdrive only gives me 6 holds and that's not enough because of long wait times for ebooks?



I signed my husband up for an e-library card and I commandeered all of his e-holds for books with excessively long wait times.


In my defense, he COULD read the books. If he wanted to. In 15 weeks.


I'm a terrible person.

Pandemic photos: 4.2.2020

What is this?


I decided to take & post one random photo a day until the end of this thing. It will mostly be pictures from my home, but I might add in photos from any expeditions to the store, etc., that I make.


If you feel like joining me, please do.



The sun came out for a while this afternoon, and I liked the way that the tree branch shadows looked on my driveway.

The Wrong Side of Goodbye by Michael Connelly

The Wrong Side of Goodbye - Michael Connelly

This is the 19th installment in the long running Hieronymus Bosch series. I doubt that there is a reader who hasn't heard of Bosch, and, with the extremely successful Amazon television adaptation, there are few non-readers who haven't heard of him.


This might be my favorite mystery series of all time - the only other possible competitor is Hercule Poirot, and those two series couldn't be more different. Connelly consistently delivers solid mystery plots, and his use of the L.A. setting makes him the direct heir to Raymond Chandler, Dashielle Hammett and the other noir writers of the thirties and forties who set their books in a long-gone version of Los Angeles.


Even among the consistently good Bosch books, I thought that this one was a total winner. There are two investigations & both are well done and entertaining. Bosch has left the LAPD and is figuring out who he is when he isn't a member of one of the top police forces in the world. Connelly has given Bosch two new partners in the last couple of books, both of them smart, interesting, capable young women, which is a terrific development in the series, although I don't think either of them are going to stick around. Maddie is off to college, and Bosch is not romantically involved. Personally, I prefer not reading about his ill-fated romantic entanglements, so the less Connelly deals with those, the better for me.


Anyway, I'm in the short haul to catching up with the series, with only 3 books left, along with the first of the Renee Ballard books, The Late Show, which will be my next book. after that, the next book, Two Kinds of Truth, was adapted for the television series last season, so I'm familiar with the storyline. After that, the series enters into a new era, with the addition of Renee Ballard as an erstwhile "partner" to Bosch. The first of the Ballard & Bosch books, Dark Sacred Night, is the story for the season that will drop 4/17/2020, which is why I'm trying so hard to catch up!



The Great Courses

I've signed up for a 3 month membership to the Great Courses website.


Right now, I'm watching the History of the Vikings course. I am most interested in the history courses.


For people who are homeschooling with teens, this might be a particularly good resource right now.


Is anyone else a Great Courses user? 

Reading progress update: I've read 1 out of 400 pages.

The Wrong Side of Goodbye - Michael Connelly

Here's what I need...more Bosch.